Project launches

UAMPS and NuScale formally launch the SMR project in Idaho, at an estimated cost of $3.1 billion for twelve modules generating 720 MW.


Initial signups

UAMPS members sign contracts to buy power from the project.


The first cost hike

The estimated total cost of the project increases to $4.2 billion.


A timeline is announced

UAMPS says plant construction will begin in 2023, with the first module coming online in 2026 and the rest soon after.

July 2020

Second cost hike, and a delay

UAMPS and NuScale increase the estimated total project cost again—to $6.1 billion—and push back the timeline for completion to 2030.

August 2020

Signups are lagging

UAMPS acknowledges that they’re still short buyers for more than 500 megawatts of power from the plant.

October 2020

Cities back out

Citing concerns over cost and uncertainty, eight Utah cities decide to withdraw from the project. Two others cut their subscriptions by 40-50%.

October 2020

DOE pulls back as a subscriber

The U.S. Department of Energy cancels on paying for the first module and switches to uncertain funding promises subject to appropriations by future administrations.

March 2021

Plant operator drops out

Plant operator Energy Northwest backs out of the project. There is no public announcement.

June 2021

Project is halved, price goes up

With subscription levels still well short of their goal, UAMPS downsizes the project from twelve to six modules, producing 426 MW. The estimated cost for power increases from $55 to $58/MWh.

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